Faith based movies

Have Faith like the Little Children

shutterstock_749050924Our faith in God should be pure without any doubt within our hearts and children are the greatest examples of pure faith. The Holy Bible also says that “except ye be converted, and become little children, ye shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.” It is because they have no any greed, jealousy and bad intentions crept into in their heart and mind all they have smile and love. They are innocent and do not know what is going to happen to them the next minute and living their best and cherishing the life that has been given to them by the Almighty God. The Almighty wants every child of his to live the way that the children live but the adult’s mind has been occupied by the worldly things and problems. All this reason makes us lose our self-confidence and the doubt is the biggest enemy of one for both the mind and the soul.

Christ knows that his children will be lost in this world while they are summing wealth and fame for themselves which will be the reason for them to lose their soul. Therefore, Christ has taught his children how they can find their faith back in God and themselves. Without faith, one cannot live the life that the Almighty God wanted us to live. Faith is the essence of life and not knowing this will be the greatest loss to the humankind. Faith which is called the trust and the belief is something that we cannot place on everybody as not everyone will be faithful. But Christ the son of the Almighty is the only faithful person you can find. He loves us, therefore, he died for our sins and like he carried the cross he wants us to carry our own cross and repent for our sins. There are many ways to find out what Christ wants us to with the life that has given to us. If you want to know and curious what God really wanted for us to than the basic thing that you can do know is read the Holy Bible. The second thing that you can do is listen to the sermons it can be online too. The third is watching bible movies and this is the easiest way to know the word of God for us.

You can get many movies online about the word of God. Crossflix is the most preferred online Christian channel. It has the greatest collection of movies for all the age group people. To know more visit us.


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