The Best Ever Bible Movies

bible moviesThere are so many movies you have seen but the bible movies are just amazing. If you have seen these movies, then I think you know the pleasure of watching these movies but if you did not see yet then you are missing a great pleasure of bible movies. Here are many websites which provide you these movies.

On our website, we do research and find the top rated movies. The recently top 10 bible movies are given below; these movies are really very important for every person in the world. By these movies, you will really know the existence of God.


Top 5 bible movies:

  1. The Robe (1953): This was the first bible movie in the cinema CinemaScope. In this movie, Richard Burton stars as Marcellus. A Roman tribune authoritative the soldiers prepared to crucify Jesus.
  2. The Ten Commandments (1956): This movie was top-notch; Charlton Heston plays Moses, the adopted Egyptian prince who leads the enslaved Hebrews to freedom.
  3. Barabbas (1961): this was the movie which was remaining houseful for several weeks. Anthony Quinn is the locked up thief whom Pontius Pilate unconfined after the throng chose to save him over Jesus.
  4. King of Kings (1961): in this movie Nicholas Ray goes from directing 1955’s Rebel with no a reason to this kind representation of a rebel with one. This was also an amazing movie and very popular with the people.
  5. The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965): The Director George Stevens went overboard in representing the life of Jesus: overlong in excess of budget and overcast (Claude Rains as King Herod). Despite these missteps, there’s much for modern audiences to savor:

You will get all these movies at any time. All movies on our website are free of cost you can watch any movie related to God see more.


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